Asus is one of the best known manufacturers of laptops for gaming

Asus is one of the best known manufacturers of laptops for gaming, especially due to Brand Republic of Gamers (ROG).
Inevitably, G551JM Asus has some flaws, some almost insignificant, others more pronounced.
The construction is one of quality, but the metal used in the process attracts fingerprints easily and is difficult to clean. The agglomeration ports on the left can be uncomfortable if you use more peripherals and the front edge of the notebook is high, but at least is not sharp, so you will not even have so many problems using the device on the desk. Status LEDs on the front side are a little too bright and become annoying when you watch movies with the lights off.

The keyboard also has a few flaws, because the arrow keys and those that make up the NumPad are small and narrow. In addition, top right button serves as stop button and you can accidentally press them.
Best performance achieved in games are valid only when the laptop is powered by outlet. When you use the battery, performance drops significantly, whereas the frequencies of use are limited by the system. The internal components reach temperatures of 95 degrees Celsius for processor and 80 degrees Celsius for the video card stress tests, and for this reason the laptop casing is heated on running intensive games.
Asus has opted for a 5200 mAh 56Wh battery, reason why it is no surprise that values autonomy are not impressive.
In fact, depending on what you do with your notebook, you can expect an autonomy of:
- one hour and 10 minutes in games High Performance mode with 40% screen, Wi-Fi enabled and activated backlight.
- 3 hours and 45 minutes FullHD video in MKV format with VLC Player run. In this scenario is used the Balanced Mode with 40% screen, Wi-Fi enabled and disabled keyboard illumination.
- 4 hours and 40 minutes for running a YouTube FullHD video in Internet Explorer, with 40% screen, Wi-Fi enabled and disabled keyboard illumination.
- 5 hours in browsing, with Balanced Mode used, with 40% screen, Wi-Fi enabled and activated keyboard illumination.
- 8 hours in idle, the Power Saving Mode enabled, the screen to 0%, the backlight off and Wi-Fi enabled.
Asus G551 is not a laptop designed for gaming, but has a price-performance ratio hard to beat now. Thus, even if some games must be played at a lower level of detail, G551JM do their job well and is a suitable multimedia companion. In addition, design and construction are high quality and the screen is good, like the keyboard and touchpad.
Inevitably, there are some flaws, such as small keyboard and touchpad design problems, high temperatures achieved or modest autonomy. However, the positive aspects has an importance much higher in this case especially in the context of Asus requested price for this model. Therefore, Asus G551JM is a interesting solution to users who want a well built laptop which support all games, but do not claim to run them all at the highest level of detail.