Clash of Clans Gems- How to Get and Use Them

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Clash of Clans Gems- How to Get and Use Them

Nowadays, Clash of clans has become a popular mobile game. This game involves building a village and attacking other players. Gems are one of the main currencies in Clash of Clans, which are used to speed up construction of buildings and production. Gems can be challenging to find since many developers like players purchasing them from the cash store. Planning early helps a player not to spend any money on gems.

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Clash of Clans awards player achievements when they accomplish their goals in the game. Completing these achievements, in turn, earns one rewards and gems. The more challenging an achievement is, the higher the chance of the player earning more gems. The most important achievements are earned through battle with other players. A player can earn thousands of gems by completing high-value achievements, which include spoils of war, league all-star, sweet victory, friend in need, war hero and unbreakable.

It’s also possible to find a variety of achievements not related to combat that can earn one more gems. Although these achievements don’t pay as much as combat achievements, they can be earned by upgrading their town. Achievements can also be earned by getting rid of obstacles, stealing gold, completing the campaign, upgrading the town hall and unlocking units such as dragon and archer.

Once a player earns some gems, they need to spend them wisely. When one starts out on Clash of Clans, they are given 500 Gems. A player is advised not to spend these gems to speed up the building of their village but wait out for the timers. These gems are needed much later in the game. Although this game allows one to purchase other game resources using their gems, they need to avoid it. While it saves time, a player should concentrate on earning these resources by playing the game.

A player should invest in putting their gems towards builder’s huts. These are the most important buildings that a player can purchase since they offer additional builder units. This allows one to construct other buildings much faster. A player focus should be to use their gems to obtain builder’s huts if they want to succeed in Clash of Clans. Once they have all the five builder’s huts, they can start spending their gems on other things.

In clash of Clans, it is possible to buy gems with real money though it is expensive. To get into one of the top three clans can earn a player a significant amount of gems. One still needs to be among the top ten players in the clan to earn gems. A player needs to avoid downloading hacks that claim to give unlimited gems.