3D technology on web and mobile

These games are present on both mobile platforms and the web. After more research and web surfing, I was surprised by the multitude of people and passionate community of independent game development.

Most people are curious to creating games typically start by doing mods to existing games. How many of you would not have wanted to do your own character custom, unique in a game or create a drawing from scratch, which give a different meaning gameplay original or introduce a certain skill characters, the ability to it was not originally in the game? Mods like Dota, World of Starcraft (now renamed), many mods for Half Life and many others, have created large communities around them.

In this article I describe to you, mainly some of the 3D technology used in some of these games. Since many of the independent games created today are developed for mobile platforms such as iOS, but not only, I will focus on only two main parts of this subject, namely present 3D technologies for mobile platforms. At the same time, I want to present here and 3D web technologies that will be introduced in the near future because this environment and enormous potential for development.

3D technologies

I want to start with 3D technologies to be introduced with the implementation of Flash Molehill platform by Adobe that provides support for using the GPU. There are several developers who drew my attention to technical presentations lately, mainly from Adobe MAX 2010 conference.

1. Alternative Platform
AlternativaPlatform is a Russian company with a team of very talented people. They have some experience in developing graphics engines in flash and took a number of awards and recognitions, including Best Technology and Best Game Without a Publisher in Rusian Game Developers Conference, awards under RFA, and an award FWA to play it 3D Tanki Online. Their current platform, which is still in development, Alternative 8 is really impressive for Flash and is a major step for web technology on this platform.

Unity is a commercial game development platform, which includes a variety of features that enable the development of great games for PC and consoles, but also for web and mobile, both iOS and Android.

Unity Games can be created for a platform, which can later be converted to another platform. On the web, Unity enjoy an online player, which was developed with support for all major browsers. You'll see and what he's capable Unity web here.

Engine characteristics graphic of the platform Unity are numerous: lighting system dynamically 100 shaders included options for post processing of personnel, special tools for creating land and environments rich in fauna, system physics including support for NVIDIA PhysX and more others.

For more information about the graphic engine characteristics you can go here. Obviously, certain features of the graphics engine are not present on mobile and web platforms, due to the limitations of specific hardware platforms.

Bootcamp, a game that demonstrates the ability for web platform
Unity is an ideal solution if you want to create a game on multiple platforms. The major drawback for an independent developer or a small business who now begins to create this platform games is that the price is too big.
But those from Unity offers a free version with limitations both in terms of features and supported platforms, namely Windows, web and Mac OS, iOS.
With this free version, users can create and publish games at no additional cost.