The brains of future cars

In these moments are tested different situations to see how traffic behaves, what things are recognized and how it could be improved systems. The Bosch have contracts with several companies producing cars throughout the world, companies who deliver their software and technological equipment. "We are in a phase of advanced development. We already numic. We're in the stage where we say 'Yes, that's it, we give way'. I was driving into town, we have cameras installed, the software works, and developer our tests the quality algorithms in various situations, to know how they react. Bosch says it will introduce three types of driving.

1. Conventional management - the driver controls everything, but is assisted by a number of technologies to help him.
2. Leadership partially automated - single machine can do a variety of maneuvers, but the driver must be alert to everything that happens. 3. Leadership totally automated - the car can do everything alone, but even so, the driver must supervise the car, if not all the time, even a reduced period. The Bosch say such cars will be 100% safe only by 2020 (on the highway) and through 2025.
All technologies of our times are favorable thanks to technology which is called gps phone tracker. It was so named because it has the same mode of operation as a smartphone.
Volvo Cars is the first premium manufacturer acquiring the most advanced in the world auto simulator, simulator chassis Vi-Grade, which it will use to develop its future models. The Volvo technologies are not the only company using Vi-Grade, their simulators being used as car brands like Ferrari and Porsche, as well as companies in the aviation industry. The motivation of using a simulator for development of new models coming in early stage design when engineers tried different technical solutions and want to prove their behavior and documented as quickly as possible.

Thanks to the new simulator chassis, Volvo will be able to simulate even the famous Nurburgring, the simulator will play fairly, in a formula with customizable weather, all for the engineers to decide in advance what technologies should be scrutinized. Like before, Volvo will use test pilots, but will be able to analyze their remarks through some road conditions and weather constant and telemetry information in real time.
Vi-Grade simulator purchased from Volvo makes the Swedes to be the first in the premium segment who buys such a solution. Advanced simulators those from Vi-Grade were used in partnership by the Hyundai-Kia, the Italians Ferrari division WTCC Citroen and division of Porsche Motorsport.