The most anticipated PC shooter games, FPS and action

Probably almost every poll would show that FPS games are among the most popular among users of the sea battle games machines.
Therefore, it is no wonder that every year in part comes with a fairly long series of action games that are designed to impress users by gameplay or graphics.
Neither this year is no exception to the rule and proposes both new shooter games will help penetrate a whole new world, and sequels to famous titles.
The fact is that you have a choice of games to try this year, which is why we thought we'd ease your selection process and I'll present some of the most attractive securities in our view.

Homefront 2
Homefront was a pretty controversial, but there are prerequisites for the next live up to expectations. The reasons? Development was taken over by Crytek, which was noted in the past by titles like Far Cry or Crysis. Actiunjea takes place only two months after the events of Homefront, but this time the battlefield was moved to Southeast Asia and Japan, where the mission to liberate occupied countries unified the two Korean army.

Wolfenstein: The New Order
Wolfenstein: The New Order is a game that awakens fond memories among experienced gamers, since it is based on the famous game Wolfenstein FPS genre that opened practically. In this remake is the main character BJ Blazkowicz, the task not easy to defeat Nazi empire. Unfortunately, the game will be available only in singleplayer version, so if you want to play with friends will have to choose another title.

Dying Light
Games with zombies just could not miss FPS sites category. Dying Light is a game that takes place at night and you must resist virulent attacks of zombies. Obviously, for this you will have a wide range of weapons and riot specific tricks. The script will not miss any multiplayer component, as you will be facing zoombii with three friends.

Gamers characters with supernatural powers have reason to rejoice, because Titanfall announcing a title to their liking: you get inside of titans, robots similar to humans, but significantly higher and with various special abilities and fled on walls . And if you have not yet figured out, it's a multiplayer shooter.

As the name may suggest, Hellraid is an action game where you have to defeat the dark forces of evil. For that you will have available both magic tricks and the ability to create various ambushes. The game can be tried in the single-player campaign, co-operative with up to four players or even in an online baptized Game Master. Initially Hellraid to be just a game mode in Dead Island, but eventually was turned into a game by itself.