How to choose the best laptop

Before starting any kind of configuration, we must know exactly what our budget and if we can large that if strictly necessary. To me it always happend this, I set a budget, then, when I buy, I see I even spent double the amount. However, I try to go on quality, not quantity. Especially when we are talking about an expensive gadget, which I will use a few years.

For what you use your laptop?
Each of us has preferences, some we play more, others watch movies or use it for programs that do not require high computing power, so things are different and the budget must be optimized depending on what we wanted to do with this gadget. If you take it for games, I do not recommend this. Even if a desktop computer will have more space, more cables, always I will recommend you to play on your computer and not on the laptop. The performance of a computer does not compare to that of a laptop.
For example we can take the game Pokemon go because it is very popular in the gaming world and can be played on any device even on PC with BlueStacks. pokemon go cheats helps you locate much faster and even those legendary pokemon.

It's hard to reconcile everyone probably already has every preference. Some may have a laptop and were satisfied, so most certainly will try the same brand, others may have been dissatisfied and would not recommend the company laptop. I stay away from Acer, DELL recent releases that heat up loud enough and probably because I'll recommend this ASUS laptop and even I have no problem with it. Especially that last year reached No. 3 in the world in the consumer segment and 4th overall.

We can not have demands on a cheap laptop that keyboard might be extraordinary good. For example, we have a keyboard of a laptop for gaming, quite expensive. But fidelity keys, the speed which you write on it and the design does not compare with a cheap laptop.

Laptops right now are Intel or AMD, INTEL I'm a fan, so probably most of my recommendations will be based on Intel processors. From generation Haswell Refresh the Intel began mixing processors for laptops. I think this is the best word. Meanwhile those from AMD processors have launched a series called Series 7. Can you believe it? I think we are very poorly informed about their models. We find them in stores as AMD QuadCore. They are low end and processors were launched in early 2016. The end of 2016 brings a new generation of processors from Intel, a sign that manufacturers will increasingly reduce prices for generation models 6. The new generation is called Kabyle Lake and is a refresh for the previous generation. So far, we have models from Acer and Dell launched. Certainly, in the next period, we will have models of other manufacturers. The price for a laptop RAM to 8GB greatly decreased, so why have not we put at least 8 GB of a new laptop configurations. I recently purchased my laptop memory at very good price. I recommend at a frequency of 1600 MHz or 2133 MHz if DDR4-based laptop.

Anyway, you will not feel noticeable differences.
In addition, you should be careful what type of display and choose if AMOLED panel or panel with IPS. Meanwhile appeared and laptops with PLS panel. It is a derivative of IPS panel. As the panel is best, so you will have many more viewing angles and you will not have problems in the event that you will yourself to bright light (sun, neon, etc). Recently it discusses all laptops with 4k display. It is a new technology, but will be available in coming years. Its occurrence has made FULL HD laptops are becoming cheaper.