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According to the new annual 'ranking' of the Defense News Agency with the largest manufacturers of weapons and military equipment by billing in the world the first places companies Lockheed Martin (USA), Boeing (USA), BAE Systems (United Kingdom) and Raytheon (USA) occupy them., followed by Northrop Grumman (USA), Airbus (a consortium of several European States), United Technologies (USA) and Finmeccanica (Italy).

Despite the fact that Russia is the second exporting country of weapons around the world, manufacturers in this country are contained in the annual report from the since 11. º.

Thus, for example, the Consortium, Almaz-Antey, specialized in the development and production of missiles and radar systems, ranks 11. º after Bill of $ 9.2 billion in 2014. The State Consortium unified Aviation Corporation, occupied since 14.º while the largest national manufacturer of helicopters, helicopters from Russia and the unified engine Corporation, are located in the 23.º and 26.º place respectively.

The 31.ª position is occupied by the tactical missiles Corporation, while the once biggest manufacturer of tanks and armoured vehicles in the world, Uralvagonzavod, and RTI systems, world leader in the production of powerful and early warning radars, copan stands 52nd and 69th respectively.

Defense News publication takes into consideration only companies revenues obtained from the sale of weapons.

For example, 88 percent of the sales of Lockheed Martin (the astonishing sum of $ 40 billion) corresponds to military products. However, Boeing military products is only 32 per cent of the sales of this company. For its part, the Russian company Almaz-Antei receives 100 percent of revenue from its sales of military products.

Facebook has made a new update to its news feed so users can further control the information and content appearing on the same.

The company published on its website a series of options that can be configured from the section ' preferences ', among them the opportunity to identify your favourite friends so their stories appear first, i.e., more relevant, but that doesn't mean that you don't go to continue watching the rest of your contacts as always.

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In addition, a new section will be so that you decide what contacts want to continue not to see more publications and even you can give you a new option to see who are these friends that you silenciaste at the time and recover them.

Taking into account your likes and interests, users can discover new pages that follow with a new paragraph. In addition, there will be a site where you can make an experiment: see people and pages that came out last week in your news feed and decide if you want to continue seeing them in the future or not.

At the moment the update is available on iOS devices, although the company says it's coming soon to Android and computers. At CNET in Spanish we have tried to test it on an iPhone 6 in Spain, and it was not yet available.

Changes in news section began to notice in April, when the company also made changes in the own view of the news feed. A year ago the social network made a first major change and introduced the possibility to save content to be reviewed at a later date.